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CSS Conf AU 2105 Talk Notes.


March was a busy month for me. In addition normal work, curating CascadiaFest (closing the CFP and reviewing all the talks) and various meetups in Seattle, I spoke at CSS Conf AU 2015. I was absolutely gobsmacked to that my talk proposal was selected, and thrilled to present a full-length version of my lightning talk from SassConf. CSS Conf AU was a wonderful conference - my deepest thanks to the entire organizing team who did an excellent job of making the speakers feel welcome and putting on a first class conference for their attendees.

As seems to be my habit when speaking, I had a fairly serious case of the "speaker dumbs" and didn't manage to pay the greatest attention to the other talks. Oh well, here's hoping for the videos to come out! Here are the notes that I took away from CSS Conf AU 2015:

CSS for Humans - Matt Sawkill

4 1/2 Methods for Theming in (S)CSS - Harry Roberts

Newton Meets CSS - Evangelina Ferreira

Delivering Responsibly - Scott Jehl

Fundamentals of Front End Ops - Ian Feather

Bye-Bye Bootstrap Bloat - Fiona Tay

Let's move! - Benjamin De Cock

Building Better Interfaces With SVG - Sara Soueidan

Sara's talk was outstanding. I took so many notes for her talk that it deserves to be broken out in its own post. So I will publish something in the future.

Efficient Web Type, c. 1556 - Kenneth Ormandy

Invisible animation - Steven Fabre

Systems Thinking (Going Out on a Limb) - Claudina Sarahe

A CSS Eulogy - Michael Riethmuller

Clean and Simple - Justin Ouellette

Moving towards web components - Andrew Betts

Open Source Design: A Call to Arms - Una Kravets

Notes On Image Spriting With Compass And Sass.


I found some old notes from the last time I had to sprite some images using Compass for Sass. It was a success, and I noted two things to share with you.

Sassconf 2014 Notes.


I don't have more detailed notes to publish from SassConf this year, but other folks have done a great job of sharing their notes and experiences:

Here are links to a few of the workshops:

And in case you missed it, here are some of the demos I did in my talk:

A Sass Mixin With a Dynamic Background Image.


Sass is cool. It's a CSS compiler adds a ton of "real code" features into your CSS writing workflow. Take a gander at this:

Play with this gist on SassMeister.

This creates a mixin (consider it an object in this case) called quotenote and then the blockquote element inherits the default styling from that mixin. The classes .caution and .note also use quotenote, but also have an argument to add a background image specification. This means changing code only in one place when you want to update the style of several related elements on a site. Here's a Gist and a Meist.

Sass Books.


Here is a list of books about Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets Sass), the CSS pre-compilier:

More blogs about sass: