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Alt.Swag for Conferences.


Alternate Conference Swag At this point, most developers already have more t-shirts than they can possibly wear. So if you're organizing a conference - or a sponsor looking to stand out - consider some alternate ideas for conference swag:

Stickers! (Everyone)

Developers love stickers, and they're relatively cheap. Just be sure to get fairly sturdy stickers that won't fall apart after living on a laptop or notebook for a few months.

Sources: Sticker Mule.

Water bottles (CascadiaJS)

Save the environment by providing nice refillable bottles instead of disposable water bottles.

Sources: Mizu, US Imprints

Notebooks (Nodevember)

It's a bit old-fashioned, but I still prefer to take notes on good old paper. I can freeform the notes without worrying about formatting, and I don't get distracted as when I'm on the computer. Notebooks are also a great place for all those stickers!

Sources: Chameleon Like, Bound Custom Journals, Poppin, Field Notes.


How else am I going to write the notes?

Swag bag (CascadiaJS, SassConf, Nodevember)

Everyone loves a nice sturdy bag to hold all of the stuff they accumulate at a conference. Also these are great for re-use at home or later during the conference trip.

USB Battery (Nodevember)

A their booth, one of the Nodevember sponsors was giving away a very handy rechargeable USB stick.

Sources: Branders, 4 Imprint, Print Globe.

Taster glasses (Nodevember)

I got a lovely little taster glass from the closing Nodevember party. They also have mustache-shaped bottle openers, if that's your thing.

Sources: Clear Water Gear, Discount Mugs, Yankee Schooner

Hoodies! (CascadiaJS, SassConf)

A very cool item. They're fairly expensive, especially the CascadiaFest ones with the customized sleeves. But this can be a special item for speakers, or super-early ticket buyers.


I got some branded earbuds from a conference, but sadly none of the silicon tips fit my ears.

Books! (SassConf)

Many a publisher can be talked into providing a few copies of a book as a give away. And O'Reilly will give free e-books to communities.

(The above photo was taken before CSSConf AU, but I really dig the enameled coffee mug, sturdy shopping bag, and custom lapel pin that they gave out!)

Sassconf 2014 Notes.


I don't have more detailed notes to publish from SassConf this year, but other folks have done a great job of sharing their notes and experiences:

Here are links to a few of the workshops:

And in case you missed it, here are some of the demos I did in my talk:

Sassconf 2013 Notes.


Here are my takeaway notes from Sassconf 2013 earlier this month, along with a few examples that I hacked together and links to various pieces of awesome. These are the thoughts that happened to stick with me, and may not be cohesive outside of the context of conference.

Here is a playlist of videos from SassConf 2013:

Cheap Sass Tricks - John W. Long

Sass at GitHub - Ben Bleikamp

It Takes a Village to Raise a Website - Chris Eppstein

Sass: Bridging the Designer/Developer Gap - Bermon Painter

Clean out your junk drawer - Dale Sande

Show Your Work & Share Your Toys - Miriam Suzanne

The Front End Revolution: A Call to Arms - Hampton Catlin

Sweating the Small Stuff - Tim Hettler

Programming? In MY CSS? - Jackie Balzer

Getting Sassy With Foundation 4 - Caleb Winters

Take the Pain out of Sass - Ian Carrico

  1. Install homebrew
  2. Then install rbenv:
    brew install rebenv ruby-build  ## rbenv helps to run multiple versions of R
    echo 'eval "$(rbenv init -)"' >> ~/.bash_profile ## Add something to your bash_profile
  3. brew install rbenv ruby-build ## Install a new version of Ruby
    rbenv rehash ## magic
    rbenv global 2.0.0-p247 ## more magic
  4. .ruby-version file  ## root of all projects, IDs Ruby version. Ex: 1.8.7-p358
  5. bundle install # in a dir to install appropriate gems
    bundle exec compass compile # Use bundler's gem version managed version of Compass compile. bundle exec = managed version of thing

Designing in the Browser - Mason Wendell

The Panel - John Athayde, Elyse Holladay, Rachel Ober and Pam Selle

If you need more links to Twitters, decks, tools and repos, check out the awesome list o' links by Una Kravets or the 2013 Sassconf schedule.