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You Want a Scary Book for Halloween?


Are you looking for a good book for Halloween?

For a scary and absolutely engrossing read, try Richard Matheson's I Am Legend. I promise that this novel will be completely free of sparkly vampires.

If you're more in the mood for a flat out hilarious ghost story, check out the Nebula nominated Perfect Circles by Sean Stewart.

Books of Imaginary Facts.


I finished reading Flatland - A Romance of Many Dimensions a couple of weeks ago. Flatland is the memoirs of a square (the two dimensional geometrical figure, rather than an un-hip person), his home world, and his adventures through worlds of fewer and greater dimensions.

The square spent a good amount of time describing the culture of his two dimensional own world. These were the sections that I found most intriguing. It struck me that a formula was at play for these sections: the telling of imaginary facts. There are other books of the same format that are similarly engrossing: John Hodgeman's The Areas of My Expertise, and Max Brook's Zombie Survival Guide. For certain ideas, "a book of imaginary facts" could well be a more engrossing storytelling method than straight fictional prose.

Back to the Fold.


Last week, I went to Seattle's Central Library and got my library card. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that this is the first library card I've had in several years. For someone who reads as much as I do, I really feel as if I should have had a library card in Seattle. Or even in Beaverton.

I decided that using the library was an excellent way to get one or two new recipes without having to purchase a whole new cookbook. I placed a hold on Tom Douglas' Seattle Kitchen which finally came in, so I will go pick it up tomorrow. I'm very excited to try the Butternut Squash soup with Thyme Creme Fraiche. I'm hoping it's the same very excellent soup we had at Teatro Zinzanni last fall. Leave a message if you'd like me to get you a recipe out of Douglas' book.

Political Intrigue.


I'm re-reading Interface, by Stephen Bury (aka Neal Stephenson) - a stunningly acute tale of an American Presidential election. It's particularly interesting considering this country's recent events and the perfect marketing packages created by both campaigns.

Also, if you'd like to hear Barack Obama take a firm stand against 2nd grade graduations, check out his appearance on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me from August 2005. Just scroll down to the "Not My Job" part, and click "Listen".

Why Aren't You Watching BSG?


If you're any kind of geek, you need to try the new Battlestar Galactica. Even you ladies with geeks should check it out. Yes, this is hardcore science fiction warfare, but sci-fi offers one of the freest mediums for storytelling these days. This is no space jaunt with fluffy haired flyboys and monkeys in space suits. Primarily, this an intensely engrossing drama, with real characters and real dilemmas.

Don't be shy, have just a little taste. Start with the 6 episode mini-series from iTunes or Netflix. How will you know you don't like it until you've tried it?

The new BSG is a very important part of geek culture. As the second half of the last season is approaching, the clock is ticking on geek-culture's ability to keep spoilers a secret. So, get hopping.

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