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Hawaiian Fever, Part Five.


Me, snorkeling The next day we took our sunset snorkel dinner cruise; a delightful combination of concepts. As mentioned before, it was a ton of fun. Our only complaints are that the catamaran took us to Makole instead of Nu'alolo (the superior spot); and that the post snorkel beverages couldn't really be classified as beer. It was a great, tantalizing introduction to snorkeling. I'd rather be snorkeling than doing pretty much anything else.

Rainbow over Kauai The following day (I was finally forgetting what day it was), we drove around to some of Kauai's famed waterfalls. Alas, we weren't terribly impressed by the waterfalls. Perhaps it was the recent drought on Kauai, or perhaps we northwesterners were already spoiled by the close access to excellent waterfalls such as Silver Falls and Ohanepecosh Falls. Later in the day we took a helicopter tour of Kauai, and that was beautiful. This picture doesn't do it justice, but there is a waterfall.

Moorish Idol On July 4th, we did some early morning snorkeling at Poipu beach. It was beautiful - the husband took this photo of a Moorish Idol. For most of the afternoon, we did some hard core relaxing. In the evening, we went to a local fireworks show. The husband was very pleased - even giddy - with the fireworks photos he took - I'm sure he'll post them soon.

Snorkel Fish!


Snorkel Fish Snorkeling is awesome. It's a bit terrifying at first; to psyche yourself up to put your face in the water, open your eyes, and breathe. But once you're down, it's delightful. I saw all kinds of fish underwater - lolo, maybe a regal blue tang, and many more. I followed what I'm pretty sure was a humuhumunukunukuapua'a for a good long time.

We had a great trip on Kauai Sea Tours. The crew was friendly and eager to help, and we were served a tasty hot dinner on the boat.

Many thanks to the husband for getting a waterproof camera bag for our trip, and for his advice and guidance tweaking the photo in Adobe Photoshop.

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