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It's Not Me. It's Them.


Check out this MySQL bug. It's exactly what I was trying, and failing, to do this evening. Ha! For once, it's not a mistake on my part.

I'm pretty sure that the trouble I've been having with configuring my .htaccess file is all my fault though. I did manage to get it working for now, but only through the voodoo of re-typing the code. I sure hope my O'Reilly books arrive to soon to reveal the secrets.

SQL Optimization Tips.


In honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, Pew Pew Laser Blog brings you this message from the SQL Pirate.

Yar me heaties! I were diggin' around in me old booty-chest o' code and I found this here venerable list of SQL tips. These here tips be for keepin' yer SQL queries runnin' faster than me crew towards the last bottle o' rum. Keep it close to ye vest.