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Software Development Jargon and Collecting Underpants.


I spent a considerable portion of this evening reading New Programming Jargon. The article documents software jargon such as:

I would like to add one to this list:

(See for more information on collecting underpants.) I first heard this term a few years ago here in Seattle when a fellow glassblowing student and I were discussing our day jobs.

Still Employed.


Last week was a tough week at work - it was time for a "reduction in workforce". Some folks had been extra stressed over the past couple weeks. I'd actually been a little worried that they were just going to shutter the place - like an FDIC bank seizure.

On the day that everyone was let go, I was completely oblivious. It's tough to see people go; colleagues that I've been working with for so long. As always, I regret missing that last precious opportunity to say goodbye. To everyone who was laid off, I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.

I understand that staff cuts had to be made. It's a helluva tough economy, and no company is surviving unscathed. I'm relieved that we've made the changes; and of course I'm relieved that I'm still working.

A Working Girl.


Perhaps you've been wondering what it is that I do for a living. My company, Widemile, is an internet marketing company. We have a platform for landing page optimization. I build the web pages from creative compositions and set up the optimization tests in our platform. Check out these links for more information.

You can also read my past blogs on the topic at

Widemile as a Products Company.


We had a little company meeting on Thursday; with champagne. We celebrated last week's beta release of our optimization platform. This marks a shift in the company focus - from direct service / agency work to software solutions provider.

The CTO had been saving a bottle of Dom Pérignon 1990, and he was kind enough to bring it in for this occasion. We all had a plastic champagne glass with a few sips of DP. Those of you who know me might think the fancy champagne was wasted on me, but it was very smooth - I didn't even make a face. I did feel very warm in the face for about half an hour, though.

Widemile Is Hiring.


Yes, I've put on my corporate shill hat yet again. But you're getting the inside dope right here. I just put up two new job descriptions on our website: Office Manager and Technical Support Team Manager.

The Technical Support Team Manager position is a great opportunity for someone out there with great support experience and web coder chops. The job description asks has quite a few bullet points, but I'd still like to see some applications you, my peeps. So polish up those resumes, and drop my name on your cover letter. Widemile's going places; you can come along.

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