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DS Wednesday.


We played Nintendo DS during lunch again today. I won at Clubhouse Games Darts and MarioKart Balloon Battle, but lost at everything else. I'm not such a hot MarioKart racer, and you never know who's going to win Clubhouse Games Bowling, but the Tetris DS loss rankles a bit. My only defense is that it was a boss-based loss. The big boss was very excited with some kind of great news for the company while I was trying to concentrate down a rain of fire and blocks! Ah well. Guess I'll have to practice the Tetris.

DS Wednesday.


It wasn't as epic as Burning Man's Tetris, but we got some great multi-player gaming in at work yesterday. I lost Clubhouse Games Bowling by 2 points, ruled all Tetris, and did about 50/50 in Mario Kart. It's so much fun to play with real people.

I may have overdone the smack talk just a wee little bit though. Next week we'll be playing all Mario Kart. While I have been playing Mario Kart for well over a decade, I'm not very familiar with the DS levels. I ought to practice.

Iron DS Players.


I'm going to take a break from jQuery to state that I'm very pleased. Today I successfully cajoled some coworkers into playing Nintendo DS with me during lunch. Billy won some tightly fought Mario vs. Luigi battles in NSMB. But my Tetris skills still reign supreme in a 4 player battle. It was so much fun. I hope everyone comes back to play next week.

Also, the soup place at the bottom of my office building has left - they simply vacated over the long weekend. Bamph! Now I'll have to leave the building for a lazy person's lunch.

Tetris DS Online.


I played some sweet online Tetris with some of my work buds and Mrs. Two Sips. Special thanks to Mrs. Two Sips for coming in at the last minute. It really was a lot of fun, though it was difficult to hear those without headset / boom mike combos. I hope next week we play Mario Kart so I can show off my painstakingly drawn Cylon icon from

Curse You Tetris DS.


Why are you so f'ing good, Tetris DS? Why must you keep tempting me? Making me gamble away my hard-won Tetris points online. You invade my very sleep, constantly being played behind my eyelids.

What's that you say? Just one more game? You know I have work to do... Well, alright. But only to take the edge off.

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