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PAX Prime 2010 - Standing Close to Famous People.


On Friday at PAX, we became famous. OK, not really. We volunteered to help Paul and Storm make a short film. You can see the results at Paul and Storm Get Thirsty. Skip ahead to 3:00 for real famous people.

A Day In the Life of Dale Chihuly.


Check out this cool video: A Day In the Life of Dale Chihuly. Here are my thoughts while watching:

Sleeping in the glory hole would be awful messy. Oh no! Don't get bacon grease on the diamond shears! Don't get butter on the tag! That was more like "Breakfast with Chihuly" - he didn't even blow anything. This fits the format of a 48 Hour Film Project film...

Lastly, I love the typical Youtube comment "lino would have done all of this much differently". (Lino Tagliapietra is another renowned modern glass artist. )

Rich Media Advertising.


Here are some advertising techniques in rich media (video clips) that irritate me.

March Internet Round-Up.


Here's a round up of entertaining videos and pictures.

Video Round-Up.


What? You say I'm too busy to write a proper blog? No, never. I just thought you'd enjoy these internet videos:

Well worth the bandwidth, yes?

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