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Job Smells.


You've heard of code smells - those whiffy hints that something in the codebase just ain't right? Apropos, I present the below "job smells" - indications that it just may be time polish up that resume and do some job searching.

None of this is about my current job - my present position is super-great. Some of it from hearsay; and some of it is from actual past positions. Just remember, you deserve to have a great job!

Small Talk.


Try these weird tricks for introducing yourself and making small-talk at meetups and conferences.

But for heaven's sake, avoid "Can you get me a discount on your company's stuff?" right off the bat.

Placekitten Protips.


Placekitten is probably my favorite placeholder image service. In addition to providing kittens, it's got quite a few options:

SEO Takeaways.


Here are some notes from a SEO presentation I attended. It's always worth knowing that the basics still matter.

Art Show Notes.


I recently un-installed my second art show, and I wanted to share some of my learnings and thoughts from it. These art shows are monthly rotating displays of art done by Getty Images employees - not the professional photographers, though there are several regular folks who have photography hobbies at Getty. For my second show, I was invited to put up work from my recent "Screenprinting on Glass" class, which I take at Pratt Fine Arts in Seattle.

Raven - enameled image on kilnformed glass This is a Native American style raven image, screenprinted with red enamel onto black glass. I didn't like the results when it first came out of the kiln, so I cut the glass into strips and staggered them a bit before capping it with clear glass and re-firing. The second firing did a much better job of demonstrating the flexibility of glass. After the piece was up for about a week, a colleague bought this piece - hurray!

Art Show Tips:

CascadiaJS 2014 Talk Notes.


This year's CascadiaJS was in Portland. The weather was unusually hot, but it was a great conference!

Technology as a Means to Equality - Willow Brugh

Everything you never wanted to know about maps - Patrick Arlt

Contributors wanted: encouraging diversity in your open source project - Kate Hudson

How To Run A Successful Local User Group - Jason Campbell

GIFs vs Web Components - Glen Maddern

Decisions, Open Source, Graph Theory, and Static Analysis - Charlie Robbins

ReInventing the Wheel (The Magic of Custom Event Emitters) - Nick Niemeir

Your Website is Not Accessible - Alex Qin

Bookmarklets FTW: The Case for Bookmarklets in Everyday Life - Lydia Katsamberis

Practical Optimization for v8 (is it okay to write JavaScript yet?) - David Manning

Writing Robot Plays: NodeJS, Reddit, and The Aesthetics of Unwitting Participation - Joe Lepper

Embracing Failure - Soledad Penadés

Cat-DNS: a DNS server that resolves everything to cats - Monica Dinculescu

ARIA Was Made For This: Accessibility of JavaScript MVCs - Marcy Sutton

Constantly Losing Stuff: Lessons learned developing and using continuation-local-storage in Node - Forrest Norvell

AllNightRave.js - Floh Herra-Vega

Making JavaScript Tests Fast, Easy, and Friendly - Ryan Roemer

Barriers to Entry - Ruth Baril

Hash Functions Taste Great with Anything - Curtis Lassam

Node.js for fun, profit and Whiskey - Jim Heising

Hacking Mentor.js - Marlena Compton & Ryan Dy

Put A Database On It! - Bryce Baril

A Story About NodeSchool and Community Building - Jason Rhodes

No More Unicorns - CJ Silverio

Amusing Content Generators.


If the previous collection of content generators was a little too straight laced, check out these hipper ways to generate placeholder content images and copy.