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PAX Fuds.


During PAX, we eat a lot of meals downtown. But it's important to avoid close (and hence crowded) options like The Cheesecake Factory or (the delicious) La Creperie Voila. Here are some good alternatives:

Pro tip: It looks like this year's "Main Theater" will be the Paramount (Scroll down to "Sunday, August 28th") on 9th and Pine. The Paramount Theater's seating capacity is 2,807, which is a little bigger than the 2,500 available at 2010's Benaroya Hall.

Oh! Chocolate.


Truffles from Oh! Chocolate Last year, I used one of my Groupons at Oh! Chocolate - a Seattle chocolatier / confectioner with locations in Mercer Island, Madison Park and Bellvue Place. I got the lovely box of truffles in this picture, and a delicious bag of "mistakes". The truffles were quite good, but I enjoyed the mistakes (which featured some chocolate-covered marshmallows and fruit) even more.

Pike Pub Picks.


Since MLS season is upon us, the husband and I will be spending lots of time at the Pike Brewing's pub in Pike Place Market. It's our go-to place for a comfortable, reasonably-priced dinner in downtown Seattle with both tasty food and micro-brews. Apropos, here are my picks from their food and drink menu:

Pro Tip: The half price Happy Hour (until 6pm) menu includes the nachos and an appetizer portion of the shrimp.

Welcome to Fall.


Today, it rained for the first time in a few months. Therefore at the office, we had the same conversation that we have every time this happens.

What's with the traffic? It's terrible!
It's raining!
Why can't Seattleites drive in the rain?

Just wait until it snows, people.

When Beggars Can Be Choosers?


I work in downtown Seattle. I encounter a constant stream of panhandlers while walking to and from the office. I never give them money. Once time, I bought an extra turkey sandwich at the grocery store, thinking I'd give it to a fellow with a sign just outside the store.

"Oh", he said, "I'm vegetarian. But I'll take a coke!" So I pulled a pulled a Diet Coke out of my 12-pack and gave it to him. I ate the extra sandwich the next day. Somehow, I got the feeling that he'd have been allergic to peanut butter if it had been a PB&J sandwich.

I finally found a way to feel like I'm doing good. I donate to The Millionair Club - a downtown Seattle organization to help the homeless with food, hygiene, work opportunities and social services.

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