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Games I've Beat.


Gender-based marketing is lazy and video game marketing has been lying to you. Here is a list of video games that I have beat. Where "beat" means variously beat the final boss, won all races or levels, or completed the story, as appropriate for the genre.

Dice Masters Rainbow Draft Strategies.


A rainbow draft is a nice format for a Dice Masters event. Each player gets to open 12 booster packs (always fun) and choose cards from among the packs that all the players opened. (Details). Players make a tournament-legal team from their drafted cards and any 2 Basic Actions from their collections, and then play some games.

With the draft format, players can't use the deadly Super Rare cards from their deep collections, so the format tends to be a little more even than fully-constructed tournaments. It's also an excellent way to fill in holes in your card collection. But there are a few strategies to keep in mind:

Dice Masters Constructed Deck Review - January 2015.


January Dice Masters Deck I went to a constructed deck tournament for Dice Masters this weekend. I had fun, but didn't expect to lose so much. Here is a review of the cards I brought, and how effective they were in play.

PAX 2013 - Minigames.


In addition to the video and tabletop games I played at this year's PAX Prime, I also played a few of the mini-games of PAX:

  1. Assassin's Ball: Each player gets a button to wear with a colored symbol, as well as a "mission" card which matches another player's button. Your mission is to "assassinate" that other player; which is usually done by tapping them on the shoulder, politely saying "I'm your assassin", and optionally giving them a small "sorry I killed you" present. I played with a few friends on my team, and it was great fun. We got to look out for each other, and meet some new people. The "Second Lives" allowed assassinated players to come back and continue playing; and added a lot of fun by increasing the number of available targets.
  2. PAX XP: By scanning small barcodes at various locations throughout the convention, attendees get tiles which complete a picture on their smartphones. By showing a complete picture to the info booth, attendees win a miniature 8 piece puzzle cube, similar to a Rubik's cube. I did earn the cube, but I haven't yet solved it.
  3. CAH deck completion: Cards Against Humanity is a social card game (like Apples to Apples) but it's decidedly non-work-safe and full of horribleness. The PAX swag bags included a random selection of new and exclusive CAH cards, and naturally we had to beg, borrow and trade through-out the convention to complete our set. Thanks to the husband for getting us a complete set!

PAX 2013 - Games.


I sure did play a lot of games at PAX this year:


  1. Betrayal At House On The Hill: Midway through the game, one of your co-players turns evil and tries to kill you all! Moderately complex, but would play again!
  2. Fluxx 4.0: Always fun, especially with my own custom blank cards.


  1. Pikmin 3: I'd never played a Pikmin before, but this one had a fun co-op mode.
  2. Burn in Hell: One of the lesser known games from Steve Jackson, this was a little like Hearts but with famous sinners. I wasn't really a fan.
  3. Dominion: It was nice to be reminded how pleasant this deck-building game is. I later bought an expansion that's quite a bit of fun.
  4. Resistance: This game which pits spies against resistance operatives is all about hiding your identity and deducting the identities of others. I have a copy of this have enjoyed it every time I've played it.
  5. Zombie Dice + Zombie Dice 2 Double Feature: Roll some dice and eat the brains. Now with Santa!


  1. Kill Dr. Lucky: James Ernest was demoing this (and Fish Cook) and trying to tune some of the mechanisms.
  2. Fish Cook: Another demo from Cheapass James, I liked this quite a bit. James said that there would be a future Kickstarter for a deluxe version of Fish Cook.
  3. Zip-It: Roll 12 dice and make your own crossword. Score points using the zippers on the storage pouch. It's simple, but I'll play again.
  4. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: I didn't really need any further convincing to buy this game, but my demo play-through did not disappoint. I'm very excited for this to come out.
  5. Battleblock Theatre: This XBLA game features competitive and co-operative play for up to 4 players. It's fun and cute.
  6. Machine of Death: We got a demo of this from the creators, but I caught a major case of the sillies and I couldn't really tell you if we lost or not. If you like story-telling games, you'll like this. True fact: I know people who are responsible for the "Shiny Things", "Fancy Pants" and "Electric Sex Pants" cards.
  7. We Didn't Playtest This at All: This was very silly; even sillier than Fluxx.
  8. Munchkin Legends: This an exclusive-to-Target version of the core Munchkin game. It was fun, but the owner was a dirty cheater.


  1. Tokaido: The traveling and collect-a-thon aspects of this game were pleasant, but I didn't like the constant score-keeping.
  2. Last Night On Earth: This was a moderately complex zombie themed board game.
  3. Smash Up: This is a very silly strategy card game, where you can join dinosaurs with zombies for fun and winning. The best part was when the husband set up a base where every card was eaten by Steve's bear.


  1. Kalua: We found this game confusing, and not-at-all about pork.
  2. 7 Wonders: This was a fun little game, but beware of sitting next to experienced players.
  3. Stoner Fluxx: Yep, it's Fluxx with a weed theme. That's pretty much all there is to it.

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