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How I Spent my Weekend.


I was shooed out of work early on Friday; having worked some long days during the week. (There are many benefits to having a European boss.) So I went down to Pike Place Market and pretended I was a tourist. I got some delightful tulips (fresh from the farm), some cheese from Beecher's, a very sweet 'champagne' mango and some raspberries. I'm particularly happy about the tulips - they're much better than the beat-up snap dragons I got at Trader Joe's last week.

On Saturday we did some exploratory house-hunting - it was very demoralizing. Oh well - I'll have to select a real estate agent. At least we got lunch at Dick's. I love Dick's. ;) We caught some soccer (footie, if you prefer) on the cable; we saw Tottenham's keeper score a goal for his team. In the afternoon I did some coding, and in the evening we watched V for Vendetta - a quality flick.

Today I did a serious amount of slacking. But I also made some chocolate - hazelnut scones while the husband was working. Later we got a Papa Murphy's pizza, and ate it while watching America's Funniest Home Videos. Crotch hits are always funny, no matter how old you are. I love the peaceful, do what you want, Sunday evenings that the hubby and I get to have now. This is much better than the hurry and pack, and then go to sleep early so he can drive back up in the morning type evenings that we used to have.


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