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Saturday Frolics.


Last Saturday was busy, but fun. My little sister and her fellow (who I've nicknamed Sailboats) drove up for 24 hours of whirlwind entertainment, Seattle-style. Lil Sis played with our Wii, and enjoyed it greatly. Breakfast became a Luna Park situation, and after that we went to the Science Fiction Museum. We then hit Pike's Place Market, and Ye Olde Curiousity Shop. We had a lovely meal at Ivar's original Acres of Clams, dessert at the Rock Bottom Brewery, and then went to the main event of the night - Edward Scissorhands. About Scissorhands, it was billed as a 'wordless musical', and in fact, it is a ballet. They didn't really need words to get their point across, but there was a good deal more skirt twirling than I'd initially been prepared for. It was fun, regardless.

I was informed by my little sister that my blog is 'secret' because it's not on MySpace or even LiveJournal. Sigh. She also showed us the famous Mario Frustration movie. You may have seen a link for this, but been turned off by the 23 minute playtime. Believe me, it's completely worth the whole 23 minutes.


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