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Yesterday was hot - too hot to think! Blech! When we were house hunting, the real estate agents told us that most Seattle houses didn't have air conditioning, since they were only needed 2 or 3 days out of the year anyway. Yesterday must have been one of those days. I hear my Hollywood homies have taken or will soon take an all day rafting trip. I'm ever so jealous. I can't wait to see the video, JRack!

At my current job, I mostly do client-side coding - X/HTML, CSS and JavaScript; which I do enjoy greatly. This week I've been working on a multi-page survey with tons of form fields and a PHP backend. After writing the HTML and the JavaScript, I needed to figure out a better way to pass submitted survey answers from one page to the next. The current method of 'data goes into a hidden form field and is submitted again' was just too inelegant to be suffered. Yesterday I was racking my brian for this solution. Hmmmmm... Passing data... Between different pages... Using PHP... What could it be...? Aha! It's sessions! Sometimes lunch really is the best answer. How embarrassing. Use it or lose it folks.


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