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He Knew What He Was Doing.


Having finally achieved a modicum of order in our house, the husband decided it was high time to start looking for a pair of kittens to adopt. Lucky us, we found our two sweetie-pies at the Seattle Animal Shelter! They'll have their surgery tomorrow, and we'll pick them up in the afternoon. I'm ever so excited!

Part of getting the house in order is getting rid of junk. As such, I've just put several items up on Craigslist. We're getting rid of a 15" monitor, a 19" monitor, and a 27" Sony TV. I'm also hoping to offload our white fuel camping stove, a bunch of furniture pads for moving, and a copy of Wario Ware Touched for the DS. If you want any of this junk (your treasure, perhaps) shoot me an email. The husband and I can bring it down when we're in Portland mid-August.


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