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A Wii Bit o' Trouble.


Over the past few months, we'd started having trouble with our Wii. It would just turn off right in the middle of play, with no warning at all. Then it wouldn't turn on until it had been off for several minutes. It had been getting worse, so I finally called Nintendo. A very nice fellow on the phone checked I'd gone through everything, and then said that I could take the Wii to Nintendo's Customer Service Facility at their Redmond campus.

The Customer Service office was very nice too. The counter lady took our Wii, said it'd be half an hour or so while they transferred our data to a new Wii, and we had a look around the office. They had a statue of Mario, examples of Nintendo products dating back to the the Hanafuda playing cards, and lots of Nintendo character swag for sale. Plush Animal Crossing characters, a Mii-themed rubix cube, Wii water bottles and such. I picked up a small metal pin with a Wiimote on it, which appears to be some kind of E3 2006 give-away.

Shortly, we were presented with a new (or refurbished, though we found no blemishes) Wii. They'd transferred our Nintendo Shop account, save games, and Miis. However, since Miis are attached to a MAC address (IE, a Wii) we are no longer able to edit any of the Miis we created. Also, we've got a new Wii code - so anyone out their with us as a Wii friend will need to update to our new Wii code: 1084 1164 6534 7102.

I'm very pleased with Nintendo's Customer Service, and I'll have no qualms about snatching up their latest, greatest products in the future. The Nintendo representative said that with the new Wii, our 1 year warranty starts over! And after the data was transferred, I didn't even lose my precious Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past saved game.


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