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Geek Alert.


We had company this weekend, and they kept us quite busy. We took them to the Experience Music Project / SciFi Museum; ostensibly to see the Disney Music Behind the Magic show. But since the husband and I found ourselves at EMP/SF Museum for the 3rd time in less than a year, we signed up for a membership. That's right - we are now card carrying members of the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame! Major geek alert! We will get some guest passes soon, so let us know if you want to visit.

While at the EMP side of the house, we learned that Jimi Hendrix was a Seattle native, and Louie Louie was a standard anthem during the days of The Kingsman v. Paul Revere and the Raiders.

At the SF side, was saw a very nice temporary exhibit of costumes from sf movies and tv. On exhibit was 7 of 9's skintight blue ...getup (she was much shorter than you'd think, and no panties were allowed under the suit); Greedo's upper half (according to the museum, Greedo's identity is incompetent bounty hunter); and an actual Viper pilot jumpsuit from the new BSG. They also had Harrison Ford's leather jacket and some Indiana Jones paraphenalia; this is not strictly sci-fi, but to be forgiven.) We were also reminded just how crazy Harlan Ellison is. Very crazy.


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