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Crunchy Reflection.


Summer is over, regardless of this weekend's nice weather. School's in session, there's a chill in the evening air, and the trees have begun to drop those nice crunchy fall leaves. We've had the town house for a couple months, and it's working out nicely. (The kitties are also working out nicely.) The job at Widemile is good, and I think we (the company) are really going to go somewhere. We've got clients that keep paying us, and venture capitalists keep coming to the office.

All in all, Seattle isn't so bad. I don't mind the sales tax too much, and I can pump my own gas. Though since I commute to work on the public bus (about a half hour trip), I rarely need to buy gas. One thing that's particularly nice though is the lack of a deposit on bottles and cans. I can just put the beer and coke cans out with the recycling every other week, and they're magically gone. Back in Oregon, I had to spend time at the grocery store feeding the cans into the machines to get my precious nickels back. I'm sure the Oregon recyclers would have picked up the aluminum cans, but I wasn't going to give away my deposit nickels. No way no how.


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