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Cat versus Roomba.


We have a Roomba robotic vacuum, and yes, his name is Isaac. Contrary to this depiction of Roger the Chief Roomba Pilot, our kitties are not very fond of Isaac. When roomba-ing, the Roomba is much too loud, clumsy and indomitable to be any fun for them. So the kitties historically have ignored him, from whatever high perch is out of reach.

Little Miss Trouble, however, has decided that revenge must be had. Recently, we have awoken to 'clickedy-whap' sounds from the room where Isaac charges to find Ingrid bullying Isaac; pouncing, whapping his chassis and trying to nibble his brushes. She's decided that he's helpless when he's not actually vacuuming.

A couple days ago, Isaac proved that he's not exactly helpless. We heard the distinctive Roomba "I'm starting!" jingle and then he started vacuuming. Ingrid must have been climbing on him and stepped on his buttons. She was quite frightened by this unexpected maneuver, and hid under the futon. Since then, Isaac has been spending his down time in the closet, safe from the kitties.


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