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PPLB Weekend Report.


It has been a very busy weekend. Friday was my birthday, and the husband got tickets to Monty Python's Spamalot - a Broadway musical version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Spamalot was a great show - hilarious; just the right mix of self-referential and new material. I'm really glad we got to see it.

Saturday we went to REI's Flagship store in downtown Seattle. The term 'flagship' is truly well deserved. Even though it sits not 3 blocks away from I-5, it's got trees, a test mountain bike trail, and a 3 story climbing wall. The retail space is also huge - it's 2 stories with at least as much square footage as the average Fred Meyer's. Saturday was also baking day - I made more Halloween cupcakes (the husband helped) and they came out very well. This time I've got enough to take to work.

Today, we went to Port Townsend. I got to do some shopping in the wonderful kitchen and artwork shops in Port Townsend; and I claimed the 'pretty things' credits that I'd had for some lovely raku artwork. We rode over to the Kitsap peninsula on the Washington State Ferries; which are slow, crowded, and inconvenient. It sure was worth buying a home on the 'correct' side of Puget Sound.


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