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Does that Make Al Gore Right?


For the first half of this week, I attended the Silverlight Workshop in Seattle's Capitol Hill district. I did not like the studio space that was used for the workshop; it was very ghetto. Speaker Shawn Wildermuth was very knowledgeable; although his notes were missing some apostrophes. I was excited to go back to work and play with all the new code that we'd gotten, but unfortunately I had actual work to do. On Monday and Tuesday next week, I'll also heading offsite for another conference. There's an NDA involved, but let's just say it will involve a long bus ride and a company sponsored cocktail mixer. Woot!

In other news, that storm was a hell of thing, huh? It started snowing big fluffy snow flakes on Saturday afternoon at the beginning of the party we were throwing. Everyone said that the snow wouldn't stick, so of course the snow stuck. I love watching it snow - watching snow is one of the reasons I first tolerated football on T.V. The snow kept coming for 4 hours, and then turned into rain all night. On Sunday morning, it was snow and rain, and it turned into a non-ending torrential downpour in the afternoon. I was beginning to get worried about the small pond developing in the backyard.

The rain kept up all of Monday, with heavy winds. I didn't have too much difficulty commuting to the Silverlight Workshop though - bus shelters are plentiful around here. But many folks in less urban areas had a tough time of it:

Our temporary backyard water feature is gone now, but the news says that another rainstorm might be coming. Dandy.


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