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Contemplating the Dark Side.


I've been thinking about getting a laptop for myself. The new laptop would be my secondary machine - so portability is much more of a concern that storage or horsepower. Even my work in Photoshop just isn't taxing to any modern machine.

I've been comparing Dells, Sonys and even a Toshiba and a Panasonic. But the Macbook Air is just so sexy. Yes, there's a price premium for that fancy design and the Mac name. But I'm not laptop shopping on a shoestring budget - my recent raise at work means I can afford to splurge a bit.

Last night, I dragged the husband to the Apple Store to touch the Macbook Air. Just as expected, it was very light, and pretty sturdy with the aluminum case. The larger Macbooks, a 5 pounds, felt very heavy. Then we went to the Sony Style store at the same mall. Sony's laptops were very light, but very flimsy feeling, and really no cheaper than the Macs. Blech.

I really ought to touch some Dells before I choose. I think I'll have to call a Best Buy and ask if they've got any in stock, since Dell is closing their kiosks.


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