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Ballard News.


We live in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, which has a rather interesting history including lots of Scandinavian fisherman, an independence from Seattle, and acting as a smuggling drop off point. (I'm told that "Snoose Junction" was how 19th century smugglers referred to Ballard; where they could drop off illicit cargo before going to Seattle.) With all this history, Ballard feels like it's own little community, and here are some of the community issues floating around lately.

Ballard house surrounded by proto - Trader Joe's Ballard house surrounded by proto - Trader Joe's First off, there's the Trader Joe's that's being built around the Little Old Lady's house. (It's the teeny brown house in the pictures at right. ) Well, it's not only a Trader Joe's, it's actually “a Trader Joe's supermarket, a health club, and a 468-stall parking structure”. There's a whole block of construction there, except for a chili joint, and one little house. According to folks on the bus, the owner of the house (a Little Old Swedish Lady) was offered a price three times the market rate, but simply wouldn't sell. It's a bit sad, actually, to see this one house, surrounded on 3 sides by another building three stories high. But the husband and I will be rather glad to get a TJs in our neighborhood.

Secondly, there's the saga of the old Denny's. (Also covered on the AP Wire.) These article contain most of the relevant details. I wonder what will happen to the little blue house with the boarded up windows near the Denny's? According to family history, the husband's grandfather and grandmother rented a room there when his mother was born.

Lastly, there's the this satisfying conclusion to the smashed cars that we saw after picking my mom up from the train station last week: Suspect Tasered in Interbay after wild ride, carjacking.


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