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Literally Not Enough Room.


Wired's Game|Life reported on the feasibility of LucasArts' porting their classic adventure games, such as Maniac Mansion, to the Nintendo DS. Says assistant producer Jeffrey Gullett:

"The cart size of the DS makes it impossible to put out ports of any of our old graphic adventures. There's literally not enough room on those carts to put the games out."

I cannot abide such obvious idiocy. Here are the facts:

Clearly Maniac Mansion and the first Monkey Islands will fit on a DS game card. Things like Sam & Max might be too big, but I bet the voice data could be trimmed or significantly compressed to fit. Perhaps Mr. Gullett was indeed considering the situation literally, like so:

A Nintendo DS and a Sam & Max CD-ROM A Nintendo DS and LucasArts Classic Adventures disks Well, yes, clearly those don't fit in a DS.


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