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The Great Outdoors.


The hubby and I took a long weekend and went camping. An informal grouping of his extended family often does so at this time of year, and it's fun and convenient to join them. I dig camping. I love getting away from 'it all' and focusing on the very basics of life. I intentionally left my DS (with Tetris and Animal Crossing) at home. Camping is a time for cooking outdoors, taking hikes, eating s'mores and enjoying dark skies.

Each of these tasks was accomplished with gusto and glee. The hubby cooked on the white gas stove and I did the dishes. We took a few hikes around Mt. Rainier. The high altitude always kicks my ass. Perhaps I could have handled a 6 mile hike in the Netherlands, but it seems I'm only good for a few miles at 5500 feet. Sheep lake was beautiful though, certainly worth the wheezing. S'mores were delightful, as always, though I need to work on my roasting technique. I think more patience is required.

Stargazing is one of my favorite pleasures when camping in a remote location like Ohanepecosh. We went to the bridge over the Ohanepecosh river, and lay down for about half an hour or so. We saw a good half dozen long and bright Perseids even though it was only 11pm or so. I brought my giant astronomy binoculars, and was fortunate enough that a meteorite passed right through my field of view when I was observing a double star. Delightful and inspiring.

Getting away makes me appreciate modern technology and convenience all the more. Reading emailed job postings can be tedious and disheartening, but there's nothing better than the first post-camping hot shower.



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