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Wheeling and Dealing.


Naturally, Food Network's Great Food Truck Race is the kind of TV show that's right up my alley. It's a reality show with food trucks; each week, the truck that made the least profit must go home. Not only is it about food trucks (yum!), but it's also about marketing and business.

One food truck set up at a 2 day street festival, even though the $1000 vendor fee they had to pay at the end of the festival was pretty steep. In the evening, a second food truck discovered the festival, and negotiated a $675 fee for the second day of the festival. By the end of the festival, the organizer accepted $300 from both trucks for their fee.

I was surprised that the festival entry fee was negotiable at all, let alone negotiable to less than a third of the original price. I wonder if this is common in the food truck / street fair business, and what other industries have similar unspoken expectations for business dealings. Are web designers abnormal to expect that an agreed-upon price for services will be the price their clients pay?

Also, I would love to try Spencer on the Go, the French food truck. Come to Seattle!


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