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PAX 2010 - Steve Jackson.


Hidden away under the WSCC escalators is one of the best parts of PAX, and one of the easiest to miss. Steve Jackson Games hosts a space where you the official Steve Jackson demo monkeys will teach you how to play almost any of the games that they publish. The husband and I played a hilarious round of Zombie Dice. We also enjoyed Revolution, a town-themed resource management game which was a bit less complex than Catan or Agricola with an interesting bidding system.

In future PAXes I'd like to see Steve Jackson in a panel (a table-top focused panel, perhaps) or even the keynote. Mr. Jackson has the old school chops to qualify for this, and he deserves your respect. A 1990 Secret Service raid on his company offices was largely responsible for creating the the EFF.

At one point during PAX, I took a little nap on a bean bag. When I woke up, some folks next to me were just opening their brand new game of Munchkin, and reading the rules. I sent them to Steve Jackson land; where I'm sure they got straightened out, and received oodles of free cards and tokens.


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