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The Saga of the iPhone.


I used to have a plain old cellular phone. For $25 a month, I got 100 minutes a month, and was able to call people when I needed to. I never went over that 60 minutes. I rarely sent text messages and I never sent pictures.

Last fall, I noticed a few 12 cent charges on of my monthly cell phone bill. After a few calls and lots of time on hold, Verizon said that someone else had entered my phone number as their call forwarding number, and Verizon would happy reverse the charges since it wasn't my doing. But there was no way they could prevent those charges from happening. There was no way I wanted to call them every month, and I didn't need the cell phone that badly, so I figured I'd save myself the $25 and ditch the personal cell phone entirely.

I told my boss that I would be ditching my personal cell phone. He's only needed me outside of business hours once in 4 years. He hated the mere idea of not being able to contact me at a moment's notice, so a brand new iPhone arrived for me just a few days later.

Now, I have an iPhone 4 that the office pays for. And an extra $25 a month in my pocket.


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