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A Cleansing.


At the beginning of the year, I started offloading many of my video games that I don't play any more, and even those that I had just never got around to playing. Before last year's bankruptcy, I always traded-in my used games at Hollywood Video / GameCrazy, but now I had to find new options.

Amazon and Best Buy both offer video game trade-in programs, though only for games which still have their manuals and boxes.

I also found Goozex - a website where members trade games with each other; earning points by sending games, or spending those points by getting games from other traders. The site handles administration and arbitration, and makes it's money with a $2 per trade fee (on the receiver's side). It costs me roughly $5 to ship a game to someone else - $2 for the padded envelope, and $2 or $3 for postage.

I weighed each of these trade-in options for each of the games I was looking to get rid of. (I was surprised by the difference in trade-in values between Amazon and BestBuy.) In the end, I got about $15 at both BestBuy and Amazon by trading in video games. I've also a nearly-new copy of Final Fantasy XIII through trading at Goozex, and I'm on the wait-list for a few more games. And I have less stuff sitting around the house!


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