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iPhone Passcode Tips


Every six months, I hate my iPhone for a few days. My company (which does pay for the iPhone) demands that I change the passcode - which unlocks the phone before you can use it - every 6 months.

I use the iPhone for many many things - calendar, shopping list, to-do list, contact information, notes for tomorrow's meeting. I unlock it, without hyperbole, a dozen times every day. Entering the passcode is automatic - I can enter it without thinking. Except for when the passcode changes, and I have to learn a new sequence of numbers just to get to my to-do list. I find it a great frustration, and I'm not sure if the security value is worth it.

I have discovered a few setting changes so that I don't have to enter the passcode quite as often:

  1. Go to Settings, and then General.
  2. Change Auto-Lock to a longer setting, such as 3 Minutes. This is the amount of inactivity that the iPhone will suffer before going to sleep and requiring a passcode. The effect of changing from 1 minute to 3 minutes was huge for me.
  3. (Go back to the main settings. Choose Passcode Lock and enter your passcode. Set Require passcode to something longer like 5 minutes. This is the amount of idle time between being off and then on again that the iPhone will allow before requiring a passcode. As before, this small change makes a huge difference in how many times per day that I enter my passcode.

It seems to me that the secret to iPhone happiness lies in configuring its settings just so.


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