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I've got 2 interviews in Seattle today. I showed up for the first one at 9am, but the fellow said he had it scheduled for 9:30, so could I come back in half an hour? Sure, I said, so I went back the elevator. I suspect that I'd be the only female employee in this small organization. All the restrooms in this multi-story office building have keypads and are locked to keep the rabble out. The interviewer I met briefly doesn't have the code to the ladies room.

I went downstairs and across the street to Tully's Coffee. Their ladies room was out of order, so I waited for the men's to become unoccupied. It was a pleasant wait. They have a living-room like atmosphere, including a grand piano. One of the patrons was playing a fine rendition of 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da'. Then he went onto 'Something '. Hoorah for the Blue Album. Then I noticed that the men's room had a 'Key at Counter' sign. Crap. I think I'll lean on Starbucks across the street..

Later: Whew. The gal at Starbucks was very kind and let me use their restroom. Mad props to SBUX.

Later: The interview went very well. They're going to send me an offer. Score!


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