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PAX Prime 2011.


I had a blast at PAX again this year. Compared with previous years, I spent more time watching rounds of the Omegathon (the Portal 2 round was a little disappointing), concerts, and hanging out and playing games with friends.

Of the video game demos I played, there were several standouts: Mario Kart 7 (for the 3DS), Super Mario 3DS, and Word Fighter for mobile devices (this was excellent, but it's not out yet). We also played quite a few table top demos: Monkeys with Knives and Guns, Nanuk, Sentinels of the Multiverse. We also checked out a copy of Ticket to Ride from the PAX Tabletop library; it was fun and pretty simple.

A final thought about PAX: as a Seattle local, I generally carpool with some friends and park downtown. But it can be challenging to find cheap parking, which is also open late, downtown. My new favorite option is at Pacific Place around 7th and Pine - they're open until 2pm because of their theater. Parking at Pacific Place is $10 all day on weekends, and $13 all day on weekdays if you're in by 9:30 am.


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