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October = Rainbows.


I love October. It's the month when the weather finally gets exciting in here in the Pacific Northwest. The combination of rain (quickly changing from sprinkles to deluges) and sun often produces rainbows. Everytime I see one in the sky, I'm entranced. So, quit whining if it's raining, and look around for one of these elusive spectrums.

In other news: packing packing packing. We're moving to Seattle. We have an apartment not far out of the city, and we'll have our house on the market by the end of the week. So we've got to clean the house and get it empty, except for that furniture to make it sell well. We've helped multiple friends move mountainous piles of stuff over the past few years, I really don't want to manage those same amounts of stuff. So I'm being very aggressive about getting rid of junk. I've made 2 trips to Goodwill (hooray for the express drop off center) and tomorrow I'll be driving all over delivering borrowed goods to their owners. Oy. It's kinda like a crappy Christmas.



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