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Six String Samurai & Lost Domains


It's election day. The strip joint in downtown Seattle calls it 'Erection Day'. Heh heh. Being a voter-by-mail, I got my ballot in the mail last week.

This weekend, the hubby and I watched The Six String Samurai. We'd been wanting (at a low intensity) to rent it for quite some time, but could never find it at the video store. But at the apartment we now have super-duper froo-froo cable, with OnDemand. And lo and behold, the SSS was one of the available selections.

On the whole, I enjoyed it. It was 20 minutes or so into the flick before I could properly suspend my disbelief and get into the groove. (Where did post-apocolyptic cavemen get gumballs? Who are those 3 dudes with Death, if not Famine, War and Pestilence?) Still, I found it charming and absolutely oozing coolness.

A side note: The distributor's banner at the beginning of the flick advertised their homepage as It most certainly is not. is the site where I play the imaginary movie stock market. So I wonder if the SSS distributor went out of business, or if their web admin screwed up big time? Reminds me of the folks at Universal Tubing - a plastics manufacturer. Their domain is Poor bastards. They really should have bought the variant domains a long time ago.


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