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Say it, Frenchie!


The office building I work at in downtown Seattle is one one of half a dozen that are owned by the University of Washington. Several of the other offices in the building are UW Medicine offices. So our little internet company is sitting on top of a medical-class-UPS and an internet backbone.

The Mayor of Seattle declared that today was 'International Chowder Day'. (You'll see how these 2 topics are related soon.) I'm not sure how eating a creamy bowl of seafood helps to honor our fighting forces, but it does mean that Duke's Chowder Bar, at the bottom of our building, was giving away bowls of chowder.

I've found that the maxim "There's no such thing as a free lunch." usually holds true. So I was expecting to have to wait through a long line for my "free" lunch. But due to the UW folks having the day off (like the banks and post office), I was back at my desk within 5 minutes. Very convenient!


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