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Natural Lighting.


Katie's cube/office.  It's got a window.As much of a pain in the ass as moving to Seattle has been, I must say I love my new job. First off, check out these pictures of my cube/office. Yup. That's a window I've got - with a 16th story high view of downtown Seattle. A window! I can watch stuff. Like the weather (Thunder and lighting rolled through shortly after these pictures were taken.) or window washers or traffic. The other side of the building, with the conference room, has a great view onto Elliot Bay.

Aside from being delighted at my window, here are some important reasons I love the job.

Previous job coworkers: I miss you too. You were all awesome, and every tool, challenge, and encouragement you gave me helped me get where I am. You know who you are. Thank you.

MooglePS. Gamecrazy's deals for Black Friday include both Final Fantasy III (DS) and Final Fantasy XII (PS2) for $30. Holy moogles, batman!


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