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Snow Snow!!

Snow Snow!
Snow, snow, quiet and pretty.
Snow, snow, all over the city.
excerpt from “Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow” by Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians

Today, Seattle was snowed in. Most of the schools were closed, and the morning traffic report was dreadful, even for Seattle. Sure, the boss managed to get to the office downtown and claimed there was no snow on the streets. But a good 2/3rds of us stayed at home and did the tele-commute thing. Acutally, a large portion of my morning was spent getting the Remote Desktop working, but it was good for a while. We went shopping at about 3pm, and barely managed to get over the icy icy hill that is our only way out. If there's precipiation tomorrow (as expected), we'll be holed up another day.

Better to stay and be safe though. The husband's best friend for life (and 3 other) drove up from Portland to go to the Seahawks game last night. (Seahawks over Greenbay, whoo!) The football fans had arranged with us to crash at our apartment, (rather than on I-5 for instance), and I advised they bring tire chains, an air matress, and sleeping bags. They never showed, and I later heard that they got home about 11 am today! Apparently I-5 was shut down for a time, and of course all the hotels & motels on the way were booked. Poor foolish bastards. "It looks OK downtown" is a poor indicator for the rest of the drive through the increasingly darker, colder, and more remote freeways.


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