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Electricity Lottery.


You may have heard about this big horking storm we had here in Seattle. The torrential rain started at my office building downtown on Thursday night. It rained so hard that the President's and CTO's windows started to leak water, and there was a large puddle in the lobby. When I stepped out of the building, I was assaulted by the strongest winds I've ever felt. They nearly knocked me over, and I am not of slight frame.

The heavy rain (which co-workers observed made the Rainier building look like a waterfall) on my pantslegs reminded me of a pellet gun barrage. When I finally did get on a bus, it took 45 minutes to get 5 blocks downtown. We were crammed into the bus Japanese-style, but I did luck into a seat after 10 minutes of standing in a 'Walk Like An Egyptian' position. Eventually, I did get to Fremont, and I had some mostly good sushi and a stiff drink. (OK, it was pink. Any amount of booze is stiff for me.)

Many many trees fell down due to last nights' winds. Downtown mostly powered, but there are tons of dark blocks in the city, and the suburbs are in a bad way. One coworker got a free skylight, another's neighbor's house burnt to the ground, and many folks lost power at home.

Our apartment stayed lit, (probably due to the underground power cables into our apartment complex), though we encountered a few off streetlights during the drive to work in the morning. But drive home from work tonight was very creepy. The sun had set, and as we got further away from downtown, fewer and fewer blocks had electricity. We took the back road into the apartment complex to avoid several out-traffic-lights. As we drove through the stretches of dark blocks, it felt more like we were on some kind of forestry service road than a developed city street. It would have been a great night for stargazing, with the dramatic drop in light pollution.

When we got home, our power was still on, unlike every other block surrounding us. But the cable (and hence the internet) was out - so I won't be able to post this until the internet is back. All in all, we're pretty lucky. Thousands of people were without power all weekend, and some are still without power.


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