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So many Ws.


Well, we finally got our Wii today. I can't believe we had to go stand in line before Best Buy opened, but that's what was necessary to get a Wii. It really was pretty painless. The Best Buy handed out tickets about 20 minutes before the store opened, which was an hour earlier than the internet advertised. I finished a book while waiting in line, and played a little Tetris DS, New Super Mario Bros, and Clubhouse Games. Though I was disappointed that no one else in line was playing DS - it would have been nice to get a little ad-hoc action in.

I'm sure the husband will write a more detailed report of Wii-getting. (I know this because I saw him take a picture of the line at Best Buy. Bored husband = picture. Picture = blog entry.) Tomorrow or the next day I will give you my report on the internet capabilities of the Wii, provided by Opera. Initially, it works quite well, and I'm impressed that such a little box does such a good job at the interweb. Good job, Wii.


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