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Wii The Eff?


I promised to hit you all with browser stats from the Opera browser in my Wii. Sadly, Google Analytics failed to catch the hit I made. (It's not sad that one of the first things I did with the Wii was to check website's I've created, is it?) I'll have to try several more hits (after I've added some filters), and I'll let you know what I find.

I tried the 'ask the internet' method of discovery, but screen resolution for Opera/Wii proved difficult to identify. Opera runs a Opera for Wii forum with a pretty good set information. The only interesting thing I was able to find out is that Opera/Wii runs Flash 7 and no higher on purpose; this has something to do with Flash 7 being the last open Flash platform. I was unable to find a definition for 'street HTML'; I believe it's the opposite of standards-based / css design. Anyhow, by 'eyeballing it', I believe Opera/Wii runs at about 800 x 600 screen resolution.

The browser really works pretty well. The screen is appropriately sized for the large variety in TVs, video formats (NTSC vs. PAL), and the TV safe zone. I was pleased because Opera/Wii displayed my sites correctly; especially my CSS-tastic resume. It also worked fine with my few DHTML/DOM and JavaScript experiments. But it did crash when we tried to play a crazy Flash game. I think we will mostly end up using it to check the Woot, since typing is sooo slow.


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