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Superbowl Wrap.


A few years ago, I didn't think much of football. It was pretty much two color-coded groups of guys who would line up, and run at each other. Sometimes the ball would get through the line of guys, sometimes not. It didn't really matter, because I never cared. I've since learned a bit more about the game, and I enjoyed Sunday's Superbowl. I've always like to see weather in a football game. It also was nice to be cheering for a team who won, for once.

Some commercials were good, some were stupid. We saw a TrunkMonkey ad - awesome as always. I was disappointed to see the monkeys banished from's ads. My favorite was the commercial for nuts with the premise that if you don't have some nuts to snack on in mid day, Robert Goulet will mess with your stuff. It was awesome - though I can't find a video anywhere.

Katie Katie

Erommel found the link for Robert Goulet on the Superbowl:


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