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Beware Drunken Santas.


I will now tell you about the most hilarious thing I have ever heard of happening in a bar. I only wish I had been there to to see it.

Late last November, the husband and I were paying our bill at the Pike Pub. I asked why they were keeping a very large pumpkin behind the desk. The cashier said that the pumpkin was being kept safe from the Santa-suited-pub-crawlers that would be arriving soon. If left at the bar, the drunk Santas would molest the pumpkin. In fact, the drunk Santas had knocked over and smashed the last pumpkin that was left in the bar.

You Want a Scary Book for Halloween?


Are you looking for a good book for Halloween?

For a scary and absolutely engrossing read, try Richard Matheson's I Am Legend. I promise that this novel will be completely free of sparkly vampires.

If you're more in the mood for a flat out hilarious ghost story, check out the Nebula nominated Perfect Circles by Sean Stewart.

Disneyland - The Birthday Rulebook.


Last year, the husband and I went to Disneyland on my birthday, and I got in for free. After I turned in my paperwork at the booth, they gave me a "Happy Birthday" button with my name on it, which I wore all day. As we walked through the park, all the Disneyland cast members (park employees) said "Happy Birthday, Katie!". While it was amusing at first, the personalized "Happy Birthday!"s from strangers became very slightly creepy as the day wore on.

I got to wondering about the rulebook or memo that commanded birthday greetings from cast members. I wondered how specifically it laid out the treatment for birthday guests - that birthday guests are to be greeted by name, but may not jump the line. I also wondered if there were "secret birthday guests" (like secret shoppers) who checked on cast member compliance of the birthday rules.

Freaky Topics.


Here are a couple of unusual topics that remind me of the stuff that those Freakonomics guys often talk about.

Thanksgiving II.


This year's Turkey day was as much of a success as last year. The in-laws made for delightful and very helpful company this year. It is always good to have a chance to show off in the kitchen.

Here, for posterity, was our menu:

I was very pleased that I managed to make rolls this year. I did forget the salt, but I rewrote the recipe to (hopefully) avoid that next time. Also, the chicken stock that I made a couple of months ago was used as an ingredient in many of our Thanksgiving dishes, so that's another feather in my cap. The husband should be very proud of all he made. In fact, now that I think about it, it's time for some left-over apple pie.

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