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Troublecat is Trouble.


Miss Ingrid wearing a paper bag's handle. Our Miss Ingrid has a well earned reputation for causing trouble. Here she is modeling the evidence of an escapade that didn't go so well.

We had purchased some slippers decorated with large fluffy feathery bits, and left them in a paper bag on our nightstand when we went out. When we came home, this is how we found Ingrid. She had been going after the irresistibly fluffy slippers, and got caught inside the bag's handles.

She eventually found a way free of the bag, and probably spent the rest of the afternoon under the bed. We cut her loose after we had preserved the moment for prosperity.

British Cats.


Cute Overload generally holds that the Japanese are the international masters of cute. But I propose that the British, while subtle, are no slouches in this arena. The exhibits:



Good news! There is a new Simon's Cat animation available. You can also check out previous episodes here.

Fluff Piece.


Yes, it's been a while since I wrote. I've been ...busy. Yeah, that's it ...busy. So, here's a fluff piece.

Take a look at these fabulously cute kittens, now available for adoption. The remind me ever so much of our very own Cotten and Ingrid. In case those little cuties do turn out like our own tabby and calico, I will warn you of their behavior.

Taunt Your Kitty.


The kitties love this Red Laser Pointer from It's their second favorite toy - right behind feathers on a stick. The laser pointer uses AAA batteries, not the really expensive small disc batteries that you find in many other laser pointers. The only bad part is that you have to hold the switch down, and that can get a little tiring after a while. Though, I bet that the husband can take care of that by modding the laser pointer with some parts from Home Depot.

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