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April Fools' Day Round Up.


Here's a round up of all the April Fools' Day jokes that I found out about today.

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State of Nintendo DS Gaming.


Ha ha! I got you, Cloud of Darkness. I finally beat the main part of Final Fantasy III for the DS. It was good; very old school - which means challenging. A secret dungeon exists in the post-game, but to to access it, I need to start exchanging Moogle - letters with other real people. How about it - do any of you have Final Fantasy III for DS? Let's hook up.

I love Puzzle Quest. I played through a second character, and I made many different choices the second time. My character is now nigh invincible. It's a fabulous game, for any of you who haven't tried it already. I have only one complaint - enough with the freaking ports to different platforms already. When do I get my Puzzle Quest II?!?

Walt Disney World is testing using DSs to enhance the visitor experience at the park. (Actual screen shots.) This is a really exciting idea - though I would be offended if there were a cost for the service. Renting a DS would be lame - I love my classy gold Triforce DS Lite.

In non-DS news, Bubble Bobble is now available on the Wii's Virtual Console! I had some Wii points, so I bought it. Those pixely dinosaurs are very large on our big TV.

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The Year in Review.


In 2007, I got very very good at CSS. I considered myself a CSS beginner at the beginning of the year, and now I'm certainly an advanced CSS coder, with a focus on flexible, semantic, standards based, accessible code.

We added the Wii to our collection of consoles. We had to stand in line for it, but it was "free" since we used some gift cards earned through Visa Points to buy it. I later sold the GameCube and GBA Player on Craigslist.

I now understand the basics of football (American football). I understand downs, and point structure, and can even recognize when a team might want to go for two on the extra point. (There's actually some interesting math occasionally.) I'm even getting excited about the post-season. Since I'm a Seattlite now, I'm feeling a strong loyalty towards our home team Seahawks.

We bought a new townhouse in summer. The best $600 we ever spent was on paying movers to haul our furniture and boxes out of the old apartment, up two flights of stairs, into the truck, and then up 3 more flights of stairs at the new townhouse. Doing so made moving day tiring, but not impossible.

I did a lengthy study on IE6 solutions for alpha transparency .PNGs, and tutorial for easy .GIF creation in Photoshop. This probably bored to tears those of you whom I know in real life, but it does bring in one Google click a month or so.

We finally got our kittens. We do try not to be crazy cat-people.

I started learning Silverlight. I am beginning to feel competent with it. Hopefully next year I can report that I'm moderately skilled with it.

Recently, I've been working on a new backend for Pew Pew Laser Blog. A significant part of the work is done, but I need to finish some features still, and make it a bit safer from hackers. But I promise, and upgrade is coming! Tags, databases, Google Ads, comments! It'll be pretty frickin' sweet. I guess I better be getting back to work on that...

A Wii Bit o' Trouble.


Over the past few months, we'd started having trouble with our Wii. It would just turn off right in the middle of play, with no warning at all. Then it wouldn't turn on until it had been off for several minutes. It had been getting worse, so I finally called Nintendo. A very nice fellow on the phone checked I'd gone through everything, and then said that I could take the Wii to Nintendo's Customer Service Facility at their Redmond campus.

The Customer Service office was very nice too. The counter lady took our Wii, said it'd be half an hour or so while they transferred our data to a new Wii, and we had a look around the office. They had a statue of Mario, examples of Nintendo products dating back to the the Hanafuda playing cards, and lots of Nintendo character swag for sale. Plush Animal Crossing characters, a Mii-themed rubix cube, Wii water bottles and such. I picked up a small metal pin with a Wiimote on it, which appears to be some kind of E3 2006 give-away.

Shortly, we were presented with a new (or refurbished, though we found no blemishes) Wii. They'd transferred our Nintendo Shop account, save games, and Miis. However, since Miis are attached to a MAC address (IE, a Wii) we are no longer able to edit any of the Miis we created. Also, we've got a new Wii code - so anyone out their with us as a Wii friend will need to update to our new Wii code: 1084 1164 6534 7102.

I'm very pleased with Nintendo's Customer Service, and I'll have no qualms about snatching up their latest, greatest products in the future. The Nintendo representative said that with the new Wii, our 1 year warranty starts over! And after the data was transferred, I didn't even lose my precious Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past saved game.

Spontaneous Generation.


The weekend was very busy, but productive. I created pineapple upside-down cupcakes from ingredients. (The gas range works quite well, incidentally.) The husband created bedroom furniture from heavy Ikea boxes. Once we got all the clothes and dainties out of the scattered boxes and into the drawers, the bedroom came together quite well. We were also tipped off to a marvelous invention - Temporary Window Blinds. These little beauties adhere right to your window, and give you privacy until your custom made Costco blinds arrive. Modern technology saves the day again.

In other news, here are some fun internet distractions that I've been meaning to share:

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